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How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Finish? A Comprehensive Guide.


There should never be any compromises when it comes to choosing the best interior paint finish. We believe that the right paint finish plays the biggest role in order to make sure your interior spaces look good.

Moreover, to ensure maximum effectiveness from every finish, it’s important to know which one is best suited in what spot. That’s why in this article, you will find a comprehensive guide for choosing the right interior paint finish.

What are the different types of paint finish?

Before you decide which paint finish you should pick for your interior area, you should have an idea about different types of finishes. Every finish has its own qualities and flaws. Some finishes are better suited for certain places than others. So let’s take a look at the 6 main types of finishes

1. High Gloss

This type of finish is hard, ultra shiny, and reflects light the best. It is the most durable as well as the easiest sheen to clean out of all the available ones. It is highly recommended for the window sills and door frames of your house.

You can also use the high-gloss sheen for the entrance door of your use to give it a bright, shiny look. However, high gloss always makes every bump and roll visible, so you have to be careful with the prep work.

2. Semi Gloss

This highly durable finish has a subtle shine without too much glitz and is also easy to clean. It is recommended for rooms with moisture, drips, and grease stains in the interiors.

You can use this finish in the same places as mentioned before instead of high gloss if you prefer less shine in your house. Again, pay attention to the pre-paint preparation work as you don’t want to be distracted by the reflecting surface.

3. Satin

This is the most popular paint sheen because of its smooth and velvety look with adequate gloss. You can clean places with a satin finish through light scrubbing, so it is the best for areas that get a lot of traffic. However, it can easily reveal application flaws like rollers or brush strokes.

You can choose this durable finish for woodwork, interior walls, doors, hallways, trim, and also the ceilings. We particularly recommend it for the walls of kids’ rooms, foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, and areas with more traffic.

4. Eggshell

This paint finish is clean and smooth-looking, with almost no shine and little luster, kind of like a chicken’s egg. It is good at covering the imperfections of the wall unlike the Satin finish, and also has a high washability.

With medium durability, this finish is a great choice for low-traffic gathering spaces that don’t get many bumps or scuffs. So you can choose this for your dining room and living room. Though it’s fairly easy to clean, it’s not enough for kitchens or washrooms.

5. Flat

This type of interior paint finish has a completely shineless surface, also called a matte surface. The surface will feel a bit chalky, but it’s especially good at camouflaging small wall bumps, cracks, and other imperfections.

A flat finish is a good choice for interior walls and ceilings. But it’s the best for adult bedrooms and other rooms that won’t be accessed by kids too much. One great thing about this finish is that it saves both time and money!

This finish has medium-low durability. It is washable, but it’s always more effective to cover the scratches/marks with some more paint. We suggest you keep some paint on hand after you’re done with the finish.

6. Flat Enamel/Matte

This is almost the same as a flat finish, but is often marketed separately as “matte paint”. It is opaque and sophisticated. What makes it different from a regular flat finish is that it forms a slight film as it dries. It can hold occasional cleaning, which is why it’s best for powder rooms or guest bedrooms.

How should you choose the best finish for your interior?

Now that you know all your options, it’s time to choose. You probably already have an idea from our recommendations, but you should still take some factors into account.

The rooms

The main factor you need to consider when choosing a paint finish is which room the finish is for. As mentioned before, some finishes are best suited for certain rooms, where others aren’t.

Every room has different environments, different traffic, and different requirements. Some rooms also get more bumps than others.That’s why knowing the attributes of a certain room is important before you choose.

For example, high-gloss or semi-gloss is recommended for kitchens because of higher washability, and kitchens often get lots of stains. Shiny surfaces make the kitchen look more attractive. But since they make bumps visible and highly reflecting, using this finish for your guest room might not please the guests.


Some rooms frequently house kids, and kids have a habit to dirty the walls. They draw on it or throw foods at it carelessly. So those rooms should have finishes that are easy to clean, like high gloss or satin. If you use flat finishes for such places, you will regret it.


Some people are okay with shiny walls, some are troubled by it. Especially if you have photosensitivity, you won’t feel comfortable in rooms with high-gloss, semi-gloss, even satin finish. A flat would be the best for you.


If you don’t have the luxury to choose whichever finish you want, you have to keep a watch on the budget. Flat and Flat matte finishes are the least expensive ones. Satin is pricier than eggshell, though more aesthetic. You have to choose the one that best fits your budget and simultaneously satisfy your needs and wishes.

By now, you should have an overall idea about choosing interior paint finishes. Put lots of thought before you make the final decision. You certainly don’t want to spend additional money behind changing the finishes or cleaning finishes that are hard to wash.

Remember! You can always contact us for further assistance!

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